Connected Faucet Eyewash Basin Faucets Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station Emergency Sink Attachment Mount Flush Shower Double Mouth

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1. Easy to install the emergency eyewash: by replacing the movable faucet aerator with a faucet installation station, screw it to the existing faucet. Includes two adapters (15/16" -27, 13/16" -27) for installation on the most commonly used faucets, and the main body has 55/64" -27 internal threads.
2. Hands-free and 360-degree rotation: vertically moving the gear lever can activate the water pressure-driven eyewash, and the user has only two hands to help wash away eye irritation. 360-degree rotation, you can choose the ideal angle according to your height and position
3. Adjustable design: ANSI standard, the nozzle can be rotated, and direction and water flow are adjustable. The 180-degree rotary switch can not only switch between hand washing, eye washing, and drinking water but also adjust the water flow

Product features:

Max. working pressure: 7Bar
Valve: None-return valve, shut off automatically
Hose: Length 1.4m, PVC with stainless steel net
Sprayer head: Soft rubber, softened water spray for eye protection
Dustshieldcap: PP, removed automatically when the eye washer is operated
Switch: Automatic trigger locking for easy hands-free use
Material: Solid thick brass with high gloss epoxy powder, resistant to chemicals, UV, and heat.

Product name: wall-mounted mobile double mouth eyewash
1. Wall hanging installation method: it is usually placed on the wall, and can be pulled up at will in case of emergency use, which is convenient for use.
2. Eye washing nozzle: It is made of non-combustion supporting PC material and molded into a whole. It has the function of filtering foam and dust prevention. The dust cover on it can normally prevent dust. It can be washed away with water at any time when it is used. It also reduces the short-term high water pressure when it suddenly opens to avoid eye injuries.
3. The water control valve is made of brass and treated with nickel plating. It has a beautiful and generous appearance. The valve can be closed automatically and sealed reliably.
4. Flow regulating control valve is set, which can be adjusted to the flow suitable for human eyes according to the water supply pressure.
5. Water supply hose: 1500mm long stainless steel hose.

Technical parameters:

Nominal pressure Sealing pressure Working pressure Flow L/min Applicable conditions
0.4MPA 0.45MPA 0.2 ~ 0.4MPA ≥ 11 room temperature pure water or water meeting sanitary standards

Installation instructions:

1. Install and fix the fixed tray on the wall.
2. Pass the tapered female end of the water supply hose (with rubber gasket inside) through the lower part of the fixed tray and connect it with the water control valve G ½ "Connection at the joint.
3. Install the water supply hose G ½ "The lock nut end (with rubber gasket inside) is connected with the water supply pipe.

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Connected Faucet Eyewash Basin Faucets Wall Mounted Eye Wash Station Emergency Sink Attachment Mount Flush Shower Double Mouth
Connected Faucet ...
USD $196.05